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Since I recently changed up how I talk about my monthly reads (and other bookish things) I figured it was about time to liven up how I share my life happenings and things I’ve been digging lately. I entrusted my friend Jenn to help me come up with a cute name for it – seriously that girl is the best at this kind of stuff (she also came up with “Books and Beyond”). And if you’re like me and loving reading about people’s travels, she has been blogging about her recent trip to Ireland to golf around and explore the country. I can’t even handle how gorgeous all her photos are!

What’s New:

In the last 4 weeks I’ve been to Utah twice. All I can say is that their summer weather is completely amazing. I wish Arizona felt like that in June!

We headed up to the Provo area for Lance’s family reunion up at Sundance. It was filled with lots of outdoorsy things like hiking, waterfalls, horseback riding and hide & go seek in the woods. When we weren’t running around I was curled up with a book or watching Frozen with the kiddos.

Utah Collage

Last weekend Ari and I found ourselves in Park City for Blend Retreat. The whole weekend was wonderful and filled with some familiar faces and lots of new friends (Blends!). We ate salads as big as our heads at Café Rio. Rode Gondolas and hiked to an adorable little lake on the mountain. Katie and I had the most delicious marshmallows ever from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Did a little Whiskey tasting. Stuffed our faces with burgers + sweet potato fries, then washed it down with some jalapeno cream ale. Devoured some unique ice cream flavors at a local ice cream shop.

BLEND Collage

A couple weeks ago I met up with some Arizona bloggers for a dinner at District American Kitchen downtown. We had the pleasure of tasting their new summer menu, which was 6 courses of heaven. I can always talk about blogging and food, so this was a really great night!

DAK Dinner

Lance and I made a very quick trip to California and back (we drove there and back in like 14 hours) to go purchase/pick up our new toy hauler. This thing is huge! We’ve got a bit of repair work to do on it, but I can’t wait till we get to spend a weekend camping in it (I’m thinking a weekend at the beach or up North where it’s cool!). No toys as of yet, but we’re keeping our options open for the future Winking smile

Toy Hauler

Current Favs:

Music – I geeked out a little bit when I heard that Seether has a new album coming out, I think they might be my favorite rock band (!!). I’m pretty much obsessed with their new song Words As Weapons.

I’ve also been loving this new Pitbull and G.R.L song Wild Wild Love. A good summer song!

TV – Two words: Penny Dreadful. Holy cow is this show good. You need to be watching this show (watch this trailer, you’ll be hooked). It has characters from British fiction like Victor Frankenstein and Dorian Gray and is a take off the old penny dreadful tales from the 19th century. Sounds Awesome, right? Plus it has Josh Hartnett in it! Remember him from 40 days and 40 nights?

Food/Drink – You guys. I can’t get enough peaches. Seriously. I buy a bag full every time I go to the store, then promptly eat them all. WHY are they so delicious??

Random Internet Things:

This is totally how I feel about my burritos. I now know I am not alone.

They totally nailed it in this article. Despite the fact that every Barefoot Contessa episode is the same, I still love it.

My friend Sheena and I have been emailing every single Sailor Moon article to surface the internet (BuzzFeed is full of them). It was our childhood fav and now it’s popular (again…or was it ever?). This one is awesome – and this was totally me at age 12.

I love that The Oatmeal makes everything funny. Even things like running a marathon.

Have I told you that I love Google Hangouts? Yep. I even wrote an article about it: check it out.

And Healthy Living Summit registration is open! Sign up so we can hang out! Check out the agenda – I’m speaking on creating video with Ari and Kelly


  1. says

    I can’t say enough how much I LOVE your new site design!! So gorgeous. And of course, I’m very partial to these post titles — thank you for the sweet shout out. :) You’re really making me want to visit Utah, and District American Kitchen looks delicious. I’m also really intrigued by your review of Penny Dreadful…I think I’m going to have to watch if only to be able to see Josh Hartnett on screen again, haha!
    Jenn (eating bender) recently posted..Ireland, Day One: Bunratty and DoonbegMy Profile

  2. Crystal says

    Love the new design. What fun trips you had!! I agree about the burrito making. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. says

    I love the Oatmeal Running a Marathon do and do not’s! I was cracking up while reading on the subway. People probably thought I was crazy…

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