Currently: May 2014

Loving: My triathlon was on Sunday! I trained so freaking hard for this race and it really paid off. It was my first Olympic distance race so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The race was lots of fun – I enjoyed like 97% of it (one small freak-out moment in the water and the fact that it was like 90 degrees during the run). Not to mention I crushed all my time goals and finished in 3:12! And it was great to be cheering Ari on as she crossed the finish line at her very first tri! Now I’m considering a half Ironman…

Esprit de She Traithlon - Tempe AZ

Reading: So it turned out I read a lot more books than I initially thought this month. When I went to my Goodreads page I realized forgot about a few. Oops.

April started with a short Novella – Red at Night by Katie McGarry. I have mentioned before how much I love Katie McGarry’s books and this was no exception. Loved it.

Since I loved The Fault in Our Stars and also enjoyed Looking for Alaska, I figured it was time to try another John Green book – I picked up An Abundance of Katherines from the library. It took me a bit to get into this one but I ended up liking it. It didn’t move me as much as the other two, but I did enjoy it. Next up: Paper Towns!

A few years ago I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and loved it. I finally got around to reading another one of her books, Sharp Objects. This isn’t my usual kind of book, but I liked the change of pace. Can I just say, it CREEPED me out. It was dark and twisted – and had me racking my brain trying to figure out who did it.

Currently BooksAll book covers from Goodreads

After Sharp Objects I need jump into something lighter. I saw that Great by Sara Benincasa, had just come out so I decided to give it a shot. It’s a retelling of The Great Gatsby, set in modern times and in the Hamptons – Think Gatsby meets Gossip Girl. It was scandalous and fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I loved the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver so I picked up her new novel Panic. In my opinion it can’t even compare to Delirium, but it was still a good read. It lacked that little spark that makes you unable to put it down – however she is a very good writer and that made it worth finish for me.

When I first heard about Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige I knew I had to read it. A retelling of the Wizard of Oz? Yes, please. I grew up reading many of the OZ books by L. Frank Baum, so I knew I would like this book. It pulls in characters from Baums other OZ stories (Ozma, Momby, etc.) and I love that it twists up the whole OZ/Dorothy story and gives it a new life.

Legend by Marie Lu was our book club pick for April. I really liked this book a lot – in fact I am reading book 2 in the series right now. For once the use of alternating perspectives in a book like this worked – you could distinctly tell who was who and each character had their own voice. But mostly I’m excited to see where this potential romance between Day and June will go..

Wonder by R.J. Palacio came highly recommended by my friend Emily. She read it and had all sorts of good things to say about it. It was an uplifting story that had me on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster – although I didn’t really cry, just mostly some sadness and lots of laughing. It was truly amazing and the kind of book you want to run around and tell everyone to read because it’s that special.

Watching: Nothing? I have been so not into TV lately. Instead let’s talk about movie trailers I have been watching on repeat:


I will need an entire box of tissues to make it through this movie. So many feels.

PS- it comes out in 1 month!

If I Stay:

This trailer makes it look sadder than it really is. Such a beautiful book and it looks like it will translate well to screen.

Anticipating: A summer full of boating! We’ve already taken the boat out twice this year and I have the feeling there will be many many more trips! I also don’t have any races on the schedule, which means I’ll up for lots of wakeboarding too.


Listening to:  I’ve been on a bit of a Broadway kick lately. I’ve been listening to the Broadway station on Sirius in the car. For home/work I made station on Pandora based off music from the Book of Mormon. It’s pretty fabulous.

Planning: A few updates and a new look for the blog. This has been “in process” for a few months now and I finally need to get down to business and just finish it!

Working on: My 30 before 30 list! I celebrated my 29th birthday in April and wanted to do something fun to count down to my 30th. I decided to make a list of things I want to try to make in the kitchen over the next year. It’s going to be a fun endeavor!

Wishing: For more 3 day weekends. I know Memorial day is coming up, but I would just really like for every weekend to be 3 days. That would ensure at least 1 full day of relaxation, right?

Toasted Coconut Black Tea

Sipping on: This Toasted Coconut black tea from the Republic of Tea. It’s a high caffeine tea (like more than a cup of coffee) so it’s been really great to make a cup in the mornings. Lately I’ve been steeping it, pouring it over ice, then adding a splash of coconut milk and smidge of simple syrup. So good!

What are you currently loving/reading/watching/anticipating/listening to/planning/working on/wishing?


  1. tamy says

    Way to go on your Tri! I am so amazingly proud of my amazing daughter! I just finished Gone Girl. (You know me, only took 3 days after work to finishit.) It was a great read for me. On to Sharp objects.,

    • says

      Thank you! Glad you liked Gone Girl! I think you’ll like Sharp Objects too :)

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