Currently: April 2014

Loving: Making homemade ice cream. I’ve been making so much of it lately, I think it must be the weather getting warmer. I love coming up with fun new flavors – I’ve got some really fun ones coming soon on the blog!


Reading: This month ended up being a little lighter on reading than the last few. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was our book club selection for this month and I absolutely could not get into it. Each time I tried to read it, I would fall asleep. I got about 6% into the book in 2 weeks so I gave up. I felt a little better when I got to book club on Sunday and no one else had finished it either.

I started the month with A Chain Reaction – it was actually the 3rd book in the Perfect Chemistry series. For some reason the library didn’t have the second one so I just read the 3rd. It was a cute follow up to Perfect Chemistry.

I was on hold FOREVER for Where She Went (Sequel to If I Stay by Gayle Forman). It was worth every minute of waiting, cuz this book was wonderful. The writing, the characters, everything. I liked it better than If I Stay and both books in her Just One Day series (and we remember how much I liked those). Also – they are making If I Stay into a movie (!!) and it gets released in August. I’m crossing my fingers Where She Went is next!

April BooksAll book covers from Goodreads

I picked up Fangirl after I decided to call it quits on A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I knew I would like it since I loved Eleanor & Park and Attachments (all by Rainbow Rowell). This book was adorable and just as easy to read as her other books.

I saw that the library had Being Sloane Jacobs available to check out so I decided to pick it up. It was a suuper cute book – it read frighteningly like a Disney movie (think The Parent Trap with a bit of teen romance). Overall it was easy to read and uncomplicated.

Nancy & Nick was a super random selection from the library as well (can we tell I have a bunch of other books on my hold list??). I started reading it and in one scene Nancy pulls out an atlas and a mileage pen. I was like huh? what is a mileage pen? haha. I flipped back and saw it was published in 1982, which made perfect sense. It was another easy read and turned out to be a decent book.

Watching: So Girls, Shameless and The Walking Dead have all wrapped up for the season. I hate that feeling of having to wait months for a resolution. Anyone else agree?

Lance and I have started watching Naked and Afraid again this season. I still love it. I am having mixed feelings about Naked After Dark (the after show), I like hearing that the people who where on the show have to say, but I could do without all the other weird stuff they add on to it. Have you been watching it?

Also the final season of Mad Men starts in a couple weeks!

Anticipating: I’m going to the Big Travelling Potluck at the end of April and I am SO freaking excited! I get to be in gorgeous Southern California and get to hang out with blogger friends. I’ll also be partaking in an epic road trip with Ari & Stephanie. Any other fellow food bloggers going?

Listening to:  I am slightly obsessed with this song right now. Eminem + Nate Ruess? Yes please.


I’ve also been listening to way more rock music lately. Octane on Sirius XM has a countdown each week with the top songs – last week was full of good ones! Pretty much all my favorite rock bands.  Some wonderful kind soul made a playlist with all 15 songs for our listening pleasure :)

That Killswitch Engage song “Always” makes me tear up every time..

Planning: A weekend trip for Lances birthday! We are renting a house at the river in Parker and bringing the boat up there – a weekend full of boating and sunshine. I’m working on putting together a menu for the weekend and a big grocery list. This is when my planning side takes over and I start creating list after list.


Working on: Not killing my garden. I am completely awful at growing things so it’s a miracle it’s lasted 3 weeks so far. Tink has been making it very challenging for me to keep things alive. She has it out for the strawberries and tomatoes… We shall see how the next month goes.

Wishing: For our spring weather to last as long as humanly possible. With my crazy triathlon training schedule I’ve got like 7 workouts a week that are outside, so I desperately want the cool mornings to stick around before the days start to get crazy hot.

Also Ari has been blogging all about our tri training each week on her blog – she shares our hilarious quotes, stories and embarrassing things too. Check it out and follow along.

Sipping on:  Since my mornings have been starting crazy early from training, I’ve been getting back into drinking yerba mate. I’m not a coffee drinker so the caffeine in mate is just what I need. Lately I’ve been adding some honey and a little lemon.

What are you currently loving/reading/watching/anticipating/listening to/planning/working on/wishing?


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    So much excitement going on! Hurray for Naked & Afraid. :) That food blogger conference sounds like a lot of fun – you ladies will have a blast. And I really can’t wait to see your homemade ice cream recipes. That may be something Bobby and I will have to do this summer. He eats it almost every night, so may as well try it ourselves!
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