Currently: March 2014

Loving: All things citrus! I’m loving my countertop fruit bowl right now (and the giant bag of lemons my father in law brought me from his tree!). On our Tuesday long rides Ari and I have been riding through the groves area of Mesa and there are a few streets that just smell so amazing – it makes me want to eat oranges ASAP (maybe I need to start packing one as a snack?). If you’ve never had an Arizona orange, you are missing out. They are the best!


Reading: Another month full of books! I started the month off with reading The Guard – a novella in the Selection series. I sorta forgot about this series but I had apparently pre-ordered this novella. It was a good reminder of why I like it. I’m excited for The One to come out in May.

Next up was Cress, book 3 in the Lunar Chronicals series (Cinder & Scarlet). This book just added to my love for this series. I loved Cress (and her sparking romance with Thorne), now I just can wait until Winter is out (2015…womp womp).

Since I really enjoyed Just One Day and Just One Year last month, my friend Emily suggested I read If I Stay – also by Gayle Forman. This was a wonderful book and I really enjoy her writing. Since I hate ending things before they are wrapped up, I plan to read Where She Went too.

Feb BooksBook covers from

I still haven’t been able to get The Fault in Our Stars out of my head, so I figured reading another John Green novel was going to be my best bet. I picked up Looking For Alaska and blew right through it – I actually started and finished it on out flight home from Alabama a couple weeks ago. John Green does magical things with words. Now I need to go find all the rest of his novels.

I also read a couple books in the Wait for You series, Wait for You, Trust in Me and Be with Me. Not my typical type of book – these were “New Adult” which I hadn’t even heard of before now. In general the story lines of the books – I’m always a fan of lots of dram. Although I could have skipped Trust in Me all together, it was literally the same exact story as Wait for You but with like 2 extra scenes and told from Cam’s perspective.

I saw that Perfect Chemistry was available from the library and knew I had to read it after seeing it on a book blog (Anna Reads –  her blog is awesome if you are a YA book fan). I loved this book. It was easy to read with likeable characters and just made me feel happy. I also saw this HILARIOUS book trailer for it.  It’s incredibly cheesy, but funny if you’ve read the book.

Perfect Chemistry Book Trailer

Watching: This past weekend Lance and I rented a couple RedBox movies – did you guys know that there is an Iron Man 3? Apparently I was living in a bubble, but the movie was pretty good. Also, I need to see About Time ASAP – I heard that it’s just as good as Love Actually so I plan to rent it this weekend.

Anticipating: The Divergent movie! Shocking, right? Ha! Me and the girls from book club all got our tickets and we are going to see the 8pm show on the 20th. So excited! I’m even contemplating making myself a shirt…

Listening to:  A while back I got an email from Adam with the The Lifestyle Accountability Show Podcast asking me to do an interview about my healthy lifestyle. You can check it out over on itunes (Episode 128) or their site and listen to me ramble on about running, food and having fun with fitness.


Planning: What to plant in my Summer veggie garden! Next weekend I hope to get some stuff planted and finally get a garden going. We worked on getting the irrigation system finished and hooked up last weekend so I should be all set.

Working on: Training for my May triathlon! Tri training is in full swing –  brick workouts (consecutive workouts right after each other, like bike + run). Ari and I finally sat down and plotted out our March training days. And whoa. It’s intense. Just look at my calendar, 95% of it is workouts…

Google Calendar Screenshot

Wishing: For a tropical beach vacation. I blame Lance for this idea – he said our next vacation has to be relaxing and on a beach. Now I can’t get it out of my head haha. Anyone have any recommendations for places with gorgeous beaches but sorta off the beaten path?

Sipping on:  This is going to sound strange but lately I’ve had a thing for the grape flavored G2. With these consecutive workout days I love having something other than water to hydrate with.

What are you currently loving/reading/watching/anticipating/listening to/planning/working on/wishing for/sipping on?


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    That explains why every other day I have an update from you on Goodreads…you’re a maniac! That’s so awesome you schedule your workouts, plus having partners probably makes it sooo much easier to get them done! Are you doing the Tempe Tri again? I wanted to do that one, but now have a bachelorette party, so I think I may do the Esprit de She at the beginning of the month.
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    So many things to love in this post! I will definitely have to check out Perfect Chemistry. We really liked Ironman 3 and I watched 3/4 of “About Time” this weekend – it was SO good. I wish I hadn’t had to leave and now I’m desperate to finish the last 1/4, haha.

    Can’t wait to listen to your podcast!! Oh man, I don’t know about off the beaten path but Wailea on Maui is a gorgeous beach! I would also recommend the Siesta Key area in Sarasota, Florida. The sand is soft and sparkling white, plus there are a lot of great shops, restaurants and other things to do!
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