Hungry Cocktail Event

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend a cocktail event to celebrate the launch of a new food/cooking YouTube channel called Hungry! I have been watching some videos from a couple of the shows they have on the channel and so far I love it. It’s like the Food Network, but in shorter doses and more on demand. Check it out and subscribe!


I brought my food-loving side kick and fellow blogger Ari (of along with me for the evening. The event was held at Elements inside The Sanctuary at Camelback Resort here in Arizona. The resort is gorgeous, but the restaurant is a true gem – and the view is breathtaking. It was even better as soon as the sun set.


Ari and I each grabbed a glass of wine and snacked on a few appetizers while we chatted with some of the other guests. There little things were delicious:


We spoke with Bruce Seidel, the CEO of Hungry and learned a little bit about his previous time at The Food Network and launching the cooking channel before moving to Hungry. I was eager to hear about his passion for food and cooking.


We also spent some time chatting with The Casserole Queens, Crystal and Sandy. You might remember them from an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay (I still think they should have won!). These two are the most adorable girls I’ve ever met! I kid you not. They already have some awesome videos up on Hungry and they are exactly the same in person as they are in their show. They are lots of fun and down to earth. And Ari and I may have bugged them for a photo Winking smile


Before dinner we saw a few clips for upcoming shows on Hungry. Remember Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes? He’s got a new show that will be starting on Hungry (here’s the preview!). And this show by the Fung Brothers show looks really funny too, I’m pretty excited about it.


Dinner was put on my Beau MacMillan, the Executive Chef of Elements. Iron Chef lovers like me probably recognize him (he won!) and he got pretty close to winning last seasons Next Iron Chef competition.

Here’s Beau with Crystal and Sandy


Beau roasted a whole pig. Yep the whole thing – I have proof:


He also cooked up some pork belly. I thought I died and went to heaven, it was so good. Hands down one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.


He also whipped up a batch of the Casserole Queens Spice Mac and Cheese. You better believe I’ll be making this sometime soon!


And some BBQ grilled shrimp and grits. I’ve actually never had grits before this dinner and these were really good – all other grits will have a lot to live up to!


So much good food! We chatted a little more with Crystal during dinner – talking about food and of course a little about the weather. 


We escaped to the kitchen after dinner to snag a few photo’s with Beau. I was thankful he took the time to let us take a few pics – and that I got to scope out the kitchen! My dad is a chef here in Phoenix, but I haven’t been into his kitchen since I was a kid so that was fun Smile


Me and Beau:


We ended up chatting the night away with Sandy, Crystal and some of the other guests. We confessed our love for the Olympics, discussed the upcoming meteor shower and found out that people from Arizona are as friendly and welcoming as those in Texas Smile


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