LoziLu Women’s Mud Run Recap

A couple Saturdays ago I participated in my first ever mud run! Not only that but it was my mom’s first time every running in a race! A few of my friends also signed up to run it as well – so obviously we were destined to have a good time Smile

Immediately after checking out the website for the race, I knew this would be a good one – it was a women’s only event and had an array of obstacles, including mud!! After signing up my mom and I got to work on finding a fun brightly colored outfit to wear for the day (aka cover in mud) and found something that worked perfect.

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Race morning we headed out to the race location – it was a little far from home, but well worth it due to the space they had for the course. It was at a motocross track which was perfect for this – full of hills, turns and I’m guessing it helped with finding some giant tires that we climbed over and into throughout the course.

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Our wave wasn’t until 10:40 so we hung out and waited for a bit before it was time to go. It was a really hot day (over 96 degrees) so I was ready to get going and hopefully cool off in the mud a bit Winking smile  The race was untimed which made it really easy to have fun – so when the race started we set out on a nice easy jog.

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We got to our first obstacle which was a giant puddle of water, waist deep, that we ran straight through, then headed up a hill and over some huge tires. Then we ran through the desert for a bit (I’m going to count dodging rocks and cacti as obstacles too Winking smile).

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Then we hit a couple of walls to climb over! There was a bit of a wait to try to climb over the tallest one so I settled on the middle one, then ended up jumping off the small one (Lance called it “cheating” Haha). My mom and I took it easy and did a slow jog/walk the majority of the course – Jessica joined us as well and we had fun conquering each of the obstacles.

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As the race progressed we went through more and more obstacles – they were pretty evenly spaced out so you never got bored running and could see the next fun challenge up ahead. We did some over/unders, walked on a balance beam, went under a huge rope net, ran through some tires, and more!

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Once we got to the final stretch of the race there was a huge slip and slide!  This thing was so much fun! The giant puddle at the bottom was awesome to splash into after being in the hot sun.

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And the final obstacle was a mud pit to crawl through. Somehow I made it through with getting almost no mud on me so I went back in for a second to get a little muddier :)

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We ended up finishing around 50 minutes which I think is pretty darn good considering it was my mom’s first time running a 5k and there were a dozen obstacles too! Go us!

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We quickly met up with the other girls that finished a few minutes before us and got a final group photo! After the race we rinsed off grabbed our free drinks and chatted for a bit watching some of the other runners finish.

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Overall a really fun day – I left with a few scrapes on my knees and a handful of muddy clothes. Next year I’ll definitely sign up earlier to try to beat the heat a little Winking smile


If you are considering doing a mud run I would highly recommend this one! Since LoziLu is for women you can tell that they put time into making the obstacles do-able and fun! Plus we got some awesome race swag – a LoziLu water bottle (LOVE), a headband and this cute little lululemon bag. They also had shirts available to purchase for only $10 – so if you’re like me and love your race shirts,  you can easily get one! Oh and did I mention that there were photographers along the course and you could download your photo’s for FREE? Yeah pretty awesome!


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    Lovely! I was thinking of doing it but did not think i would be running by then. Sadly I am still not running up to a 5k point and I have the firefly this sat..(when it is supposed to be freezing and rainy..enter irony). If i am running..scratch that. next year I will be running so I will def do this one!

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    I don’t know how I missed you in an outfit like that! The weather for races in the spring here seems to be so hit or miss, you never know what you’re getting yourself into!

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