Toffee Crunch Fruit Dip

Happy Friday!

I am super excited about this weekend – we are going on vacation! The planning for this highly anticipated vacation began back in May so I’ve practically been counting down the days till we leave (who I am I kidding..I have totally been counting..). Sunday can’t come quick enough! So where exactly are we going?!?

Orlando, Florida! – which means 2 things DISNEY WORLD!! and Harry Potter theme park (aka Universal Studios)

I have been dying to go to Disney World since I was about 12 years old – when by best friend invited me to go along with her (2 years in a row) and both times I wasn’t allowed to go. Let me tell you – ever since then I have had this burning desire to go. I have been dreaming up how amazing it is since my friend Sheena came back and told me just how awesome it was. So now I finally get to go!!

Normally I would not be able to convince Lance that we should go to Disney World on a vacation, but we found some ah-mazing deals – so my friend Jessica and I were able to do some persuading ;) This whole plan started when I saw plane tickets from Phoenix to Orlando for $99 each way – absolutely unheard of! I think that itself was enough to get the guys convinced. We were able to find a good deal on hotel with a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom suite with a living room area and a kitchenette, with free hot breakfast and shuttles to the parks – score! I am just crossing my fingers that the hotel isn’t super shady!

On Wednesday night I went to dinner with my friend Sheena and was sharing with her some of our plans for Disney World. She had TONS of good advice of places to eat (I always need to know about the food haha) and things to do. While we were chatting she mentioned that she wished she could go (she can only drag her husband there so many times..). When I got home from dinner and asked Jessica if it was alright if I invited Sheena and her husband, Kevin (since we have such a huge room!) and she said yes. Since this was 4 days away from when we leave, I figured it was a longshot but worth the effort for the invite. The next morning I got an email from Sheena at work, her boss approved her last min time off (she’s supposed to give a 2 week notice), and she bought their plane tickets! So freakin crazy! Our group of 4 was now a group of 6.

Now my giant suitcase is staring at me, empty and waiting to be packed. I think I am going to put it off a little longer since I despise packing hehe. I’ve still got a few more days. Plus, tomorrow I’m going shopping with my friend Crystal to find dresses to wear to her bachelorette party weekend!


This dip is amazingly easy to prepare but tastes absolutely delicious! Its both creamy and crunchy – which lends itself perfectly to dipping. We used apples and strawberries for dipping but I’m pretty confident that just about anything would taste fantastic when smothered in this dip – any fruit, graham crackers, animal crackers, you name it!

Toffee Crunch Fruit Dip

Printable Recipe



1 package cream cheese

1 cup packed brown sugar

½ cup English toffee bits

Apples slices or other desired fruit for dipping



In a small bowl, mix together the cream cheese and brown sugar until well combined. Stir in the toffee bits. Serve with sliced fruit for dipping.


Cover and store in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Makes approximately 2 cups.


Recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Café


  1. marielmoves says

    this dip looks fantastic! have fun in Orlando! We are currently in Amelia Island, FL enjoying the beach!! It's really humid here though, beware! No dry heat like Phoenix! :)

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